Non-Warranty Service Information

Since 2005, we have serviced nearly every brand of music equipment ever made.  If your item is no longer under warranty, we can diagnose your problems and offer an estimate of the repair costs.  If you decline to have the item repaired, our minimum charge of $36 applies.  If we are unable to diagnose a failure, you will be charged nothing.  If the failure can be diagnosed and repaired within 30 minutes (rare, but not unknown), we will go ahead and complete the repair and you will only be charged the minimum.

Rush Service

While Rush Service can sometimes be necessary, we rarely have it requested due to reasonable turnaround times on our repairs.  Still, if you can’t afford to wait a couple of days to get the item looked at, Rush Service is available on both warranty and non-warranty repairs for an additional $60 Rush Fee.  Please note that this will get your equipment inspected as soon as we receive it.  However, we cannot predict if we will need to order parts to complete the repair so we cannot promise you a quick turn-around, only that it will be repaired as quickly as possible. The rush fee does not cover express shipping costs of any parts that we may have to order to complete the repair.